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All of us from Buddy Adventures takes great pride in being able to say that the ideas and creations are put into the hands of kids before bringing them to life on the web! For Everyone - Rated By Kids!

What is Buddy Adventures? - Check Out Some ScreenShots Here!

Welcome to an exciting world of adventure and fun that lives inside a child's backpack! A world of creativity and imagination comes to life in the world of Buddy Adventures™, and allows young computer users to explore this multiplayer environment with the safety that parents would expect. Our users enjoy a world that is colorful, animated, and simply beautiful in all aspects. Our newly inducted 'buddys' can dive into challenging games, quests, or even spend time dressing themselves up in new clothes, hairstyles, and more! The fun doesn't stop there because each buddy can take their creativity to their own club houses which they can design, furnish, and share with their fellow 'buddys' online!

In addition to the games, quests, and customization of one's buddy, we also offer a sophisticated safe chatting system which filters out profanity and questionable language, and at the same time is carefully moderated by our staff to insure everyone's safety.

The world of Buddy Adventures™ was designed around the dream of a child that was brought to life by parents that have the technological expertise to breathe life into a virtual world that allows young computer users to explore their own imagination. In addition to the fun that Buddy Adventures™ offers its users, we made sure that a great deal of educational content would be built into so many different facets of the game, which allows our young community the opportunity to grow and learn about themselves. Games, art projects, and quests in the world of Buddy Adventures™ offer challenges of logic, reason, as well as the strengthening of cognitive skills which in turn designs a level of learning that is wrapped up in pure fun and excitement. In addition, by combining the elements of social gaming with the game, art, and quest offerings in our exciting virtual world, our young computer users have endless fun in an environment that puts their safety first and throughout every turn and corner in the game.

Come see why Buddy Adventures™ is more than just an online virtual world that offers the next generation of young computer users a place to have fun in a safe environment. Find out why children keep coming back for more excitement, and most importantly why parents approve!

From all of us at Wink Works Studios, LLC., welcome to the world of Buddy Adventures™!

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